Beach Bum Doggie Resort
Doggie Daycare and Boarding     Come and Play with us


Doggie Daycare and Dog Boarding

2 of the resort puppies at nap time
What is needed so you can come and play with us.

1. All dogs must be 3 months of age or older and be SPAYED or NEUTERED.
2, All dogs must be current on their vaccinations and must provide a copy of DHLPP, Rabies and Boredetella ( Kennel Cough), Which must be given every
6 months. Plus be on a Flea program such as "Frontline" or "Advantage" Etc.
                                     3. All food and medications will be given as directed or prescribed in a written                                          format.  Please inform us if the medication needs to be refrigerated.

                                                                            Prices per dog

                                                                         1/2 day 4 hrs - $10.00                                            
                                                                         Full day 8 hrs - $20.00                                         

                                                                 24 hr Boarding with daycare $25.00 
                                               Please provide dogs own food and some type of bedding.